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OpenChessBoard-PCB, 32 cm x 32 cm, (12.6 in x 12.6 in), 2-Layer circuit board, without microcontroller

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The OpenChessBoard-PCB is a 32 cm x 32 cm (12.6 in x 12.6 in) 2-Layer circuit board which contains

– theĀ  64 sensors for piece detection,

– 64 x 4 LEDs for highlighting squares and indicate moves,

– high-speed multiplexing circuit to reduce the required input and outputs of the micro-controller

– 5 screw-holes for easy mounting

– super slim PCB design (< 5 mm)

This PCB matches directly the size of the chess board which can be placed on top of the circuit board as a semi-transparent playing surface. The circuit board can be directly connected to an Arduino Nano 33 IoT (not included) with a matching pin-out where the Arduino can be soldered directly onto the board.

The board uses only 1 analog input and 11 digital outputs of a micro-controller. The control firmware is open-source and ready to be used on Arduino development boards.

The software is open-source and ready to integrate the board to your Lichess account. A one-time procedure to setup the board is done in only a few steps and from that point on, the board is a standalone device. Just connect the board via micro-USB to a charger or a power bank and the board automatically connects to your ongoing game on Not Buttons needed!

Game initialization is handled directly via your Lichess App which is available for Android and iOS.

Currently all products are not in stock and will be produced by order. The production time is about 3 weeks and additional delivery time depends on your location.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0.5 cm

The pin-out matches the Arduino Nano 33 IoT and uses only 1 analog input and 11 digital outputs.


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