play online chess on a physical chess board





No buttons, no setup! Just play online chess on a real physical chess board – The most simple way to play online chess without a computer screen.


The software is ready to connect your smart chess board to your account on Play online against other players around the world or train with the computer and enhance your chess skills. The code is simple, ready to use and easy to adjust to your own project ideas. 


Invent your own game ideas or use the hardware for your own projects as you like. Just use the hardware to record moves you play, integrate the board into a chess table or even create a musical instrument which translates chess moves into music.

Get your starter kit and play online chess on your custom chess board. The high quality hardware gets you started and our open source software is ready to integrate your chess board to

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Build your own smart chess board from real wood veneer on acrylic glass. Bright LEDs directly under the acrylic glass are visible even through the veener playing surface.

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