Currently the Firmware is limited to use with the Lichess API. Lichess is an open source chess server which provides a unique chess experience completely free of charge and even add free. I am not a direct partner or sponsored by Lichess but greatly appreciate their open source mentality and try to take this spirit to real physical chess boards for online gaming.

All boards are standalone devices and are not restrictive to a computer connection. Game initialization can be handled by every device which has access to Lichess. This means you can use the Lichess App or the Lichess browser application to start games. Your OpenChessBoard then automatically connects to ongoing games from your Lichess account.

Our sensors are compatible with any kind of magnetic chess pieces.


OpenChessBoards are powered by Arduino development boards providing WiFi connectivity and can be programmed via the Arduino IDE using a PC with USB connection. Thereby we ensure open source compatibility with standard Arduino libraries. 

Become an active developer and join the OpenChessboard community on Discord and contribute to firmware updates on GitHub. We continually update the chess board firmware to ensure usability and work on the best possible chess experience.

At the current development state we are not able to provide any long term warranty. However, if you’re not happy with your OpenChessBoard, for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund within 14 days.

We ship our products with DHL or UPS, and delivery is quick.

This will depend on which country you are shipping to. All chess boards shipped outside Switzerland exclude VAT (you may need to pay that when it arrives), depending on where you live.